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Marjoram (Sweet) Essential Oil 30 Ml

Marjoram (Sweet) Essential Oil 30 Ml

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Marjoram (Sweet):

Botanical Name – Origanum Marjorana

Origin: Egypt

Directions for Use

Diffusion: Use three to four drops in the diffuser of your choice.

Internal use: Dilute one drop in four fluid ounces of liquid.
Topical Use: Apply one to two drops to desired area. Dilute with a carrier oil to minimize any skin sensitivity.


Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. Possible skin sensitivity. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place

Processing Method: Steam Distilled

Size: 30ml


About: Warming and comforting when massaged into the abdomen during menstruation, or added to a warm compress. Add few drops to a warm/hot bath at the first signs of a cold. It can be useful for treating tired aching muscles, and is perfect for use in a sports massage. A few drops in a vaporizer will also encourage sleep and it is believed to reduce snoring. It can also be used in masculine, oriental, and herbal-spicy perfumes and colognes.

Blends With: Basil, Chamomile, Cypress, Elemi, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lavender, Orange, Rosewood, Tea Tree, and Thyme.



All of our essential oils are true, undiluted essences extracted directly from a variety of flowers, fruits, leaves, barks, roots, herbs and spices. 

safe use of essential oils.

The information contained on these pages is not meant to serve as a medical or professional advice. We are not responsible  for any products made using these oils or the outcome of any application thereof. As always we recommend testing all products first and  avoid using essential oils in pregnancy or on the young children.

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