Fraud Prevention

Protecting your information when using the internet should include consideration of safeguards you put on your computer and use when online. To help you better protect your information, we want to clarify some of our practices and raise your awareness of some current scams that might affect you or your computer:


"Phishing" or "Spoofing" refers to emails that appear to be from a legitimate company (often including the logo of that company) and request personal information such as credit card and bank account numbers or passwords. In reality, these emails are from an unauthorized and phony source.

So there will never be any confusion:

  • Penny Lane Organics DOES NOT email you to verify your credit card number
  • You should only submit credit card information to us when completing an order at our check-out page.
  • If you receive an email that appears to come from Penny Lane Organic that asks you to provide your credit card information or your password to Your Account, it would NOT be from us. You should NOT provide your credit card or password.
  • If you receive an email that requests credit card or other personal information in exchange for a Penny Lane Organics gift card, it is NOT from us.
  • We DO NOT store you credit card information on our site at any time.

You could help us fight fraudulent email requests that make reference to Penny Lane Organics by forwarding them (without altering the subject line) to our Customer Support team.

Malicious Software:

When you visit sites on the Internet or open attachments in emails, there is the risk that malicious software may be downloaded onto your computer without your knowledge. When crooks download this malicious code to send you to a bogus web site, it may be referred to as "pharming".

Some of this malicious software has the ability to:

  • Redirect your computer to web sites without any action by you
  • Recognize when you are at a "Checkout" page of a site and either redirect your information to another web site that is not ours or open another website on your computer
  • Open pop-up ads or new windows that make gift card offers or request credit card numbers and other pe