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Helichrysum Italicum Also known as Immortelle and Everlasting; This small shrub with clusters of very aromatic yellow flowers grows on rocky shores washed by the sea, often beaten by harsh winds and bathed by the hot Mediterranean sun. These extraordinary plants thrive where not much else will grow and can be found growing wild on the shores of France, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Morocco.   The word Helichrysum is derived from the Greek word helios meaning sun and chrysos meaning gold. This is a reference to the golden colour of many of the flowers from this botanical genus. Helichrysum has...

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Keep those bugs away, the natural way! We are health conscious. We eat healthy, grow much of our own organic food, exercise, and love to spend time outdoors. We also try our best to not put any toxic chemicals in/on our bodies, although sometimes this is a much more difficult task than it should be. Many of us lurk around the health food aisles, looking for natural alternatives to every chemical filled product that is marketed to us; Our food, drinks, vitamins, shampoos, baby products, deodorant, sun block... it's much more difficult to find chemical free versions of these products...

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