Directions on how to use our natural deodorants

Since our deodorants contain no fillers, binders or any chemicals that would make them "perfect" here are few tips on how to use them correctly:

  • To prevent crumbling push the deodorant up just enough to last a day or two. If deodorant crumbles wet it with water and press it in. 
  • If deodorant feels dry after a while you can gently wet the top with your fingers or run it under the open tap for few seconds. Remember, deodorant can be used WET or as is, whatever feels better and more comfortable for you. 
  • Do not leave deodorant in your car during the summer. If deodorant softens due to a high heat put it in the fridge for few minutes and it will be rock solid again 
  • Never use (any) deodorant immediately after shaving or waxing or if skin is irritated by any other means since that can further aggravate the skin.
  • During the cold winter months deodorants will probably arrive frozen and it will be hard to start them. Leave deodorant in a warm area to soften. Alternatively you can put it in a microwave for 10 seconds or immerse it warm water (with the top on).