Facial Cleansing Set

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Everything you need to remove makeup, oil and impurities and prepare your skin for a moisturizer or facial cream.

Set consists of:


Ingredients are listed under each individual cream.


Splash the face with warm water. Apply 4-5 dabs of cleansing milk over the forehead, cheeks and chin. Using a circular motion, gently massage the cleanser over the entire face. Remove using a cotton pad or damp face cloth. Repeat the process on your neck. Splash the face with water and pat dry.

Shake well and apply to a cotton ball or a pad making sure to get it thoroughly wet. Gently pat the eye lids and lashes with a wet cotton ball. Let it sit for a minute so it can work its way through the layers of makeup then gently swipe your eye in a downward motion making sure not to get makeup in the eye. Open your eyes and remove any makeup left under the lashes and in the creases around your eyes.