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Pumpkin is likely THE MOST popular fruit this time of year. I'm not talking about "pumpkin spice" either, because as I'm sure you already know, "pumpkin spice flavored everything" usually doesn't contain any actual pumpkin. That Grande Pumpkin Spice latte everyone is raving about, has FIFTY grams of sugar and over 300 calories.... and while that pumpkin spice beer I drank last week was quite tasty, it probably wasn't very good for me either! So indeed, I am talking about actual, real pumpkins, sans the spice hype. I see them popping up on many doorsteps around the neighborhood, and while...

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If you're like me, you love bean sprouts! I use them fresh in salads, or throw them in for some added crunch in cooked dishes like home made soup, or couscous. Lately I have been sprouting my own at home from various types of beans, and it's been such a simple and fun process that I thought I better share with everyone. Bean sprouts are quite the magical little treat, full of protein and vitamins, the bean sprout is actually MORE nutritious than the original bean it sprouted from! There are many benefits to bean sprouts; they have a very...

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Garlic scapes are the stalks and flower buds of the garlic plant. Many farmers remove these "flower stalks" in the spring time to send more of the plants energy to the garlic bulb. Often times the scapes are simply discarded, although they ARE edible and can make an absolutely fantastic pesto! Everything you need for garlic scape pesto. So here is a simple and heavenly recipe to get the most out of those garlic scapes: INGREDIENTS: 1 lb  fresh garlic scapes 1 1/2 cups of grated Parmesan cheese 1 cup of walnuts 1 cup extra virgin olive oil juice of...

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Keep those bugs away, the natural way! We are health conscious. We eat healthy, grow much of our own organic food, exercise, and love to spend time outdoors. We also try our best to not put any toxic chemicals in/on our bodies, although sometimes this is a much more difficult task than it should be. Many of us lurk around the health food aisles, looking for natural alternatives to every chemical filled product that is marketed to us; Our food, drinks, vitamins, shampoos, baby products, deodorant, sun block... it's much more difficult to find chemical free versions of these products...

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Over the years we have made our own dishwasher powder that contains no phosphates, costs pennies per load and is easy to make with simple and inexpensive ingredients.  Now we have also perfected a recipe for dishwasher tablets, which provide an even more convenient application. Here are two very simple and similar recipes for powder dishwasher detergent, and also for tablets if you prefer them. What you will need: Mixing bowl Measuring cups Jar or a plastic container with a lid 1 Cup of Washing Soda – found it in most grocery stores or make your own (instructions at bottom...

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