6 Reasons why we love Shea Butter

6 Reasons why we love Shea Butter

Shea Butter is a wonderful, natural substance that is not only great for your skin, but also has many additional health benefits and healing properties. Shea butter is completely edible and commonly used as a cooking oil in some countries. It has been harvested for centuries in Africa, for a wide range of uses from cooking, to medicinal applications. It was especially known for it's gentle properties as a skin treatment for infants. Here are just some of the many known benefits of Shea butter:

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1. Moisturizing - say goodbye to dry, irritated skin. Raw Shea butter is a wonderful, moisture rich fat extracted from the seed of the African Shea tree. It is very popular as a moisturizer for both skin and hair. You can also use it as a very simple and effective lip balm.

2. Soothing - Shea butter is a popular application for those suffering from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It can also soothe irritations from bug bites, and rashes from various types of contact dermatitis.

3. Smoothing - With soothing, comes smoothing. As skin is re-hydrated and rejuvenated, Shea butter also helps remove the signs of irritation. Great for eczema scars, acne scars, bug bites and even stretch marks.

4. Anti-inflammatory - Part of the reason it works so well on rough, irritated skin, is due to it's anti-inflammatory properties. Shea butter is not only soothing for the skin, it's also been shown to work wonders on muscle and joint pain, and even nasal congestion.

5. Sun blocking - Don't use this as an endorsement to stand in the sun all day, but Shea butter does contain some natural UV blocking properties.

6. Anti-aging - Ok, so I don't particularly care for the term "anti-aging" - aging is inevitable, laughter makes wrinkles and a happy life experience is something to be proud of - But our skin is still a vital organ that should be kept healthy and happy! Shea butters many medicinal properties help us achieve over all skin and hair health when the elements have not been so kind. The sun, the wind, the bitter cold winters, they can really hurt. Shea butter contains beneficial vitamins and anti-oxidants and even stimulates your skin to promote collagen production. It not only moisturizes and protects, it actually restores and rejuvenates.

Many of our customers love our Raw Shea Butter just on it's own. It's a wonderful treatment for rough skin and dry hair. We also use it as a key ingredient in a number of our 100% Natural moisturizing creams, soaps, shampoos and sun care products, including but not limited to:

Let us know about your favorite Shea Butter products and applications.

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