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Over the years we have made our own dishwasher powder that contains no phosphates, costs pennies per load and is easy to make with simple and inexpensive ingredients.  Now we have also perfected a recipe for dishwasher tablets, which provide an even more convenient application. Here are two very simple and similar recipes for powder dishwasher detergent, and also for tablets if you prefer them. What you will need: Mixing bowl Measuring cups Jar or a plastic container with a lid 1 Cup of Washing Soda – found it in most grocery stores or make your own (instructions at bottom...

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If you use bars of soap like I do, you know the struggle of trying to utilize that last little sliver of soap after the bulk of the bar has been all used up. You don't want to waste the little pieces of soap, but they are just too small to effectively handle. So here is something my mom showed me, she came up with this to reduce waste, and also avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning the bathroom or kitchen counters. Gather up smaller soap pieces and cut them up into little slivers. Take a piece of mesh -...

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