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This is a very simple "bisque" style soup, that ALWAYS goes over well at dinner parties. I've had multiple friends who "hate squash" devour this soup while in complete shock that their taste buds agree with *gasp* SQUASH! ... This recipe is truly one that will have the naysayers re-considering their feelings for squash. You can use just about any variety of squash, as well as pumpkin for this recipe, but I find that butternut is the best squash to start with. It's easy to love it's naturally sweet flesh, and requires minimal seasoning, but can be fancied up as...

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<-- Check out PART 1: Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) There is so much that can be said for essential oils... such a wide variety of oils, with a plethora of uses, it would be impossible to discuss them all. Many essential oils have medicinal properties and can be ingested, inhaled, or applied to the skin to aide with a number of ailments, from headaches and snoring, to soothing eczema and calming nerves. We use 30+ different essential oils in our product line. They feature in most of our bath and body products as well as our household cleaners, laundry detergents, air...

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If you're like me, you love bean sprouts! I use them fresh in salads, or throw them in for some added crunch in cooked dishes like home made soup, or couscous. Lately I have been sprouting my own at home from various types of beans, and it's been such a simple and fun process that I thought I better share with everyone. Bean sprouts are quite the magical little treat, full of protein and vitamins, the bean sprout is actually MORE nutritious than the original bean it sprouted from! There are many benefits to bean sprouts; they have a very...

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Over the years we have made our own dishwasher powder that contains no phosphates, costs pennies per load and is easy to make with simple and inexpensive ingredients.  Now we have also perfected a recipe for dishwasher tablets, which provide an even more convenient application. Here are two very simple and similar recipes for powder dishwasher detergent, and also for tablets if you prefer them. What you will need: Mixing bowl Measuring cups Jar or a plastic container with a lid 1 Cup of Washing Soda – found it in most grocery stores or make your own (instructions at bottom...

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