French Lavender Foaming Soap Review by Mama Moose

French Lavender Foaming Soap Review by Mama Moose

Recently we had the privilege of having some products reviewed by Mama Moose, over at MamaMoosecontests.comTake a look at part 1 of a 4 part review series, in which Mama Moose highlights our French Lavender Foaming Soap!


So I’ve already told you how amazing Penny Lane Organics is; so let me tell you all about the first product I decided to try was their Lavender Foam Soap!

Lavender Foaming Soap - Penny Lane Organics

The first thing I noticed and loved was the SIZE! This bottle is a HUGE 550ML!!!  I was so excited to try this, I actually ran to our bathroom and went to wash my hands.

WOW! This honestly has to be the best hand soap I’ve ever used!! From the first pump I was amazed! Our bathroom quickly filled with the relaxing scent of French Lavender. One pump is all you need. The foam is perfect for getting a clean that you really notice. After drying my hands, I couldn’t help but notice how much softer my hands were before I even washed them to begin with! As someone who washes their hands a lot I was SOLD! I don’t think we will ever go back to a different brand of soap again! After all with ingredients I can pronounce and understand what’s not to love!


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